Ep 4 – Riley!

Climbing that ladder! Want to give a huge shout out to all of you guys for rating and reviewing our show. We’re currently trending on the “New and Noteworthy” for Canadian iTunes! All thanks to you. Here is an episode to let you guys know mostly where we’re coming from and Riley’s artistic leanings. Spoiler alert: he likes weird music.

EP 3 – Isaac Vallentin

Isaac sat down with us for 4 hours to discuss his album Hedera, which we’ve pared down to one for your listening enjoyment. Riley gushes about the most abrasive cut on the album for far too long, and Adam remembers his childhood wistfully. Isaac indulges both much more than he should, and gives two great in-studio performances.

Check out his album at https://isaacvallentin.bandcamp.com/album/hedera cause its a great one.