Celestial Trax – Chaos Was A Massive Part Of It

Hey Guys, Riley here

Episode 29 is upon us and with it brings Celestial Trax. And for many of you who came here today thinking I was going to bring on another Bosveld type artist, you might be disappointed.

Celestial Trax is a producer whose music I discovered over soundcloud and I’ve been completely enamoured with ever since. his music prioritizes texture over melody, mixing weaving treated samples and club beats together in a very alien way.

His latest EP, From the Womb, really plays with song structure, abandoning grime almost completely to create songs that ebb and flow in really beautiful ways, especially the song Bodily, which you’re about to hear in a second.

Anyways! In this interview we talk about his surprising start in music, his process for creating textures and how to imbue a specific feeling into abstract music. If you have any interest in where music will be heading in the next 5 years, you owe it to yourself to check this out

So! episode 29. Celestial Trax! You’re gonna enjoy it.

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