Telecomo – Focus Mostly On Energy

Hey Guys, Riley here. Episode 30 is upon us and with it brings Telecomo, a new garage rock band from members of SILKKEN, The Acorn, Bondar and just about every other band in Ottawa

Full disclosure, Adam, the frontman, was the person who booked my first ever show, back when I did ambient nonsense and we’ve been friends ever since. He and Pat came to the studio and the three of us talked about what its like being a new band with vast amounts of experience, and how to come to a decision to start a completely new project when you’re already part of other projects that have broken through.

And this, I think, led us down some interesting rabbit holes, because this is a band who is bringing their considerable talent to bear on a well-worn genre and deliberately putting their own twist on it. It’s intriguing to me because this is not the romanticized story of a few plunky upstarts writing songs in their parents garage. Its a story of, for all intents and purposes, the formation of an Ottawa supergroup. But unlike, say Emerson Lake and Palmer of Squakket who often got bogged down in stylistic pretension , the goal here is to be as accessible as possible to a wide range of listeners.

And so we talk about this and discuss how to balance the critical and commercial exception of a project like this, what its like to be known unknowns, and how whether in music or social media all audiences are looking for is authenticity.

So! Episode 30, Telecomo. I think you’re going to like it.

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