Jonathan Schenke – Work On It Until You Don’t Want To Work On It Anymore

Hey Guys Riley here

Episode 31 is upon us and with it brings Jonathan Schenke, a musician, producer and a mixing and mastering engineer who uncoincidentally worked on Telecomo, last week’s guests, debut LP. But his talents extend beyond micing up hungover ottawa boys.

His band, Eaters, is an experimental group whose love of texture bleeds through every song. As a mastering engineer, he’s worked on Sun Ra recordings. As a producer he’s worked with the likes of Liturgy and Girl Talk. So he’s a dude who knows his stuff.

So I sat down with him and talked about the role of the producer in the age of self recording, how to incorporate home demos into final recordings, and really wanted to get a sense of how someone who has worked on hundreds of releases sees their own style evolve over time.

So! Episode 31, Jonathan Schenke. I think you’re going to enjoy it.

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